Bird Baths/Fountains

We’re a prime destination in Crystal Lake for a wide range of different types of bird baths and bird fountains. 

Wild birds typically retrieve water from ponds, streams, puddles, and other sources. However, a bird bath will ensure the wild birds that come to your yard have a safe place for hydration and bathing. We offer a wide selection at our shop, and our baths are constructed from durable materials, such as granite, concrete, clay, and plastic. 

We even offer heated bird baths! Heated bird baths are one of the best things you can offer in the cold winter months.  When there are prolonged periods of cold weather, most of the water in nature freezes, and liquid water can become even rarer than food.  Birds desperately need water to survive and will even resort to eating snow if none is available.  This lowers their body temperature further, meaning they have to consume even more food, which is already scarce, in order to survive.  Having a heated birdbath during these times can attract a large amount of birds since you are providing something they are in great need of.   In addition, many birds don’t eat seeds. As a result, you’ll never see them at your feeders.  But you can still attract them by having a heated birdbath in winter and a regular bird bath in the warmer months.  In addition to stand alone heated bird baths, you can also get a heater and add it to any existing birdbath.

No matter your needs, Flying Friends is determined to help you create the perfect environment for feeding, nesting, and protection. With a bird bath from our inventory, your favorite species will continue to visit your yard.  

Fountains enhance your landscaping, creating an elegant look you’ll love. Likewise, when you place a bird fountain from Flying Friends in your garden, it’s sure to stand out, attracting plenty of wild bird species. Birds can easily hear the sound of moving water, so getting their attention will help ensure that they return. After all, a bird fountain is a decorative and safe place for them to bathe and drink. Plus, moving water prevents mosquitoes from breeding in it. If you’re looking for something special, we offer several designs for you to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that complements your setup. 

The benefits of placing these fixtures in your yard or garden are endless, especially for the wild birds that will use them. To make things even easier, we also provide delivery and set up services. If you wish to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us anytime. We’re also available to answer any of your questions! Do you live in the area? Visit our shop whenever you wish, and we can assist you right away. By stopping in, you can also take advantage of the many seasonal sales we offer!