Bird Feeders

Like our houses, the bird feeders we offer at our Crystal Lake location often can’t be found in other stores. We carry suet feeders, squirrel-proof feeders, tube feeders, hummingbird and oriole feeders, hopper feeders, platform feeders, cylinder feeders, and much more. You’ll have to stop in to find the right one for you. When purchasing a feeder, be sure you have a strong pole system for hanging it. The ones we offer will never lean! If you need assistance installing it, we’re happy to help.

As a unique and versatile specialty store that focuses on customer service, we offer a lifetime warranty on almost all the feeders that we carry. We stock replacement parts for these feeders at our store, so no waiting on manufacturers to ship you parts or having to figure out how to disassemble and repair the feeder yourself.  All you have to do is bring us your broken feeder and we can usually fix it in minutes, so no going without your feeder and the bird activity that it brings!

Remember, the right bird feeders will draw a wide range of different bird species to your yard or garden. Pick up the perfect one at our shop today.