Bird Seed/Accessories

Flying Friends is the most trusted source for food and suet for birds in the area. Our shop in Crystal Lake provides abundant varieties of bird food that many pet supply stores simply don’t have. In fact, we even create custom blends for your bird feeding requirements—and we’re certain you won’t find that elsewhere, either!  Make sure to check back here or stop by our shop to see all the new and ongoing sales we’re running. 

Most “visitors” that flock to your feeders are seed-eating birds, so providing them with the best food will keep them happy and healthy, making them more likely to return in the near future. All of our seed varieties are fresh, high-quality, and packed with the nutrients birds need. When you buy bird seed from big box stores, you’re likely providing your wild birds with mostly filler, such as milo, corn, sticks, and sometimes even gravel, which the birds won’t eat. At Flying Friends, we’re committed to only serving what birds love and can’t get enough of. We also offer a wide selection of suet for birds, an essential source of energy and heat in the wintertime. Packed with fat and protein, they are sure to enjoy it–we promise they’ll keep coming back for more. 

Note: all food should be stored in a secure container in a dry place. Be sure you have storage cans for your seed to prevent unwanted critters from getting into your bird food! Plus, by having extra food on hand, the wild birds in your yard will never have to see an empty feeder. We carry galvanized steel seed storage cans. They’re both critter proof and weather proof, and available in 5, 10, and 20-gallon sizes.  We highly recommend storing your seed in these types of cans either outside or in your garage. All bird seed, no matter where you by it, can potentially contain pantry moths. While harmless, they can be difficult to get out of your house, so we recommend keeping the seed outside in cans. Plus, you won’t be tempting critters into your house or garage with the delicious smell of bird seed.

For more information about attracting and feeding wild birds, we’ve compiled some of our favorite bird feeding tips. Have fun experimenting with different seed varieties and watching the various types of birds travel to and from your feeders.

Call in to request a custom blend!  Choose any combination from the seeds listed below and we will mix them together to create your own custom mix!  We can make custom mixes in 5, 10, and 20lb size bags.  Just let us know how many pounds of each ingredient you would like.  Make sure to call ahead by at least 2 hours to ensure you don’t have to wait while we mix it up.

You can choose from the following ingredients: Oil sunflower, safflower, sunflower hearts, shelled peanuts, peanuts in the shell, mixed tree nuts, millet, hulled millet, nyjer (aka thistle), nutrasafflower (aka golden safflower), striped sunflower, diced peanuts, cracked corn, and whole corn.  Sunflower hearts (sunflower out of the shell) is available in 3 varieties: coarse sunflower (the whole sunflower intact but with the shell removed), medium sunflower chips (diced in pieces about ¼ the size of a sunflower), and fine sunflower (very finely chopped). We also carry corn on the cob (ear corn) and deer corn to feed the wildlife.