Basic Cylinder Feeder

A great way to get started feeding the birds.  Use with a Small Flaming Hot Feast Cylinder in order to be squirrel proof.  If squirrels are not an issue, try one of our other Seed Cylinders (we recommend the Bugs, Nuts, & Fruit Cylinder).  The downside of this feeder is it has no weather dome for protection, so excessive rain can make the cylinder a little soggy.  But you can always add a weather dome later!  This feeder is slightly more cardinal friendly than the Starter Cylinder Feeder. Think about upgrading to the Hanging Cylinder Feeder with Dome or the Acrylic Seed Cylinder Feeder to get weather protection, a better warranty, and more cardinals! Another advantage of cylinder feeders in general is that it takes longer for birds to go through them since they have to work to remove the seeds as opposed to just grabbing a seed and flying away. This means you get to view the bird for longer and don’t have to replace the seed as often. Be patient, it is not unusual for it to take 2-3 weeks for birds to get used to a new feeder.