Best Selling Goldfinch Feeder Package

Includes our #1 most  recommended and best selling Quick Clean Nyjer Mesh Finch Feeder, the Tube Top weather dome, and 2 lbs of our fresh Nyjer (Thistle) Mesh design allows more birds to land on the feeder, is more natural for them to cling to, and allows more air flow so seed doesn’t clump up and mold.  This feeder opens on the top for easy filling and also includes the Quick-clean bottom for easy cleaning.  Lifetime Warranty. We fix it for free at our shop in Crystal Lake!  Included weather dome helps protect the seed against the elements.  It will pay for itself over time by keeping seed fresher and will result in more activity when its raining or snowing.  Comes with enough Nyjer to completely fill the feeder plus a little extra, though we recommend filling it only half way the first time you put it out.  Then once the goldfinch start coming frequently you can fill it all the way. Get it now to see the Pine Siskins too!