HEATED 14in Bird Bath Erva

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $71.99.
Our most affordable heated birdbath.  14" diameter and 1 year warranty.  There are three way to mount this.  The Ground Level Mount holds the bath about 4.5" above the ground.  The Ground Pole Mount holds the bath about 31" above the ground and anchors into the ground 9" for stability.  We recommend the later because if it snows a lot, you won't have snow piling up around the bath like you would on the ground level mount.  Finally, you can mount it on your deck railing with the Clamp Mount Bird Bath Support Ring. Consider upgrading to one of the larger heated baths (Black or Olive Green) to get a better warranty and to attract more birds.  Birds prefer to be able to choose their depth by wading into the water.  The large baths are sloped which allows them to do this whereas the 14" is all one depth. Made in Chicago