16″ H Basalt Birdbath

16″ H Basalt Birdbath


16″ diameter, 16″ height

-The Basalt Birdbath looks so natural, you’ll think Mother Nature herself carved it out of the landscape.

-Created from natural columnar basalt, the basin features a textured interior finish with a natural finish left on the sides and stone base.

-Columnar basalt is dark grey in color and as resilient as granite.

-This piece will become even more beautiful with age.

-Highly durable basalt is virtually indestructible.  Use year-round with a Birdbath Heater

-Made of two pieces.  No two of these birdbaths are exactly the same.

Add a Layered Waterfall Bubbler or Floating Solar Bubbler to move the water and attract more birds.

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