5 Gallon Galvanized Seed Can - Locking Top

Critter Proof, Rust Proof, & Water Proof Our smallest seed can.  Locking top guarantees squirrel, racoons, and other critters won't get at your seed.  Plus it's galvanized so no rust.  Store it outside or in the garage with no worries! Only holds (1) 20lb bag of bird seed and for most seed types you will have to dump out the bag for all 20 lbs. to fit.  For this reason we highly recommend the 10 Gallon Galvanized Seed Can as it will hold (2) 20 lb. bags of any of our No Waste Bags or (1) 20 lb. bag of any of our Regular Bags without having to dump them out and with enough extra room for some suet cakes or a 5 lb Nyjer (Thistle)