60in Feeder Pole 1in Diameter

60" long one piece pole. 1" in diameter.  This will make up the main vertical height of your pole.  We recommend this height for mounting Hopper & Tray Style Feeders or for mounting Bird Houses.  You can add more height with one of our Pole Extensions.  For feeder pole systems, we recommend the 80in Feeder Pole, as it will hold feeders at eye-height and high enough where squirrels can't jump directly onto them (with use of a Baffle). This is the heaviest duty American made commercially available tubular bird feeder pole.  This pole has an .060 wall thickness (16 Gauge), and will not rust through.  Our pole has almost twice the wall thickness found on mass market poles.  It's also powder coated with an automotive quality polyurethane and lead free black baked on finish. Made in Chicago!