Sky Cafe Bird Feeder With Dividers

A high capacity bird feeder that's great for cardinals with its large tray. Dividers create multiple sections that allow you to put up to 4 different types of feed (we would recommend Oil Sunflower, Safflower, Millet and Peanut Pieces. However, this feeder is only squirrel proof if placed in a spot where they can't jump from the side (horizontally) directly onto the tray. That means there can't be anything that can hold a squirrels weight within about 7 feet horizontally of the feeder. The large dome will prevent them from coming from above. The best placement would be hanging from a tree in a spot where there are no other branches to the side or from the overhang of your roof. Lifetime warranty against squirrel damage only. Fixed for free at our shop in Crystal Lake. While this is a great feeder for certain setups, we recommend considering the Squirrel Buster Plus or Squirrel Buster Classic as they have fewer placement restrictions for being fully squirrel proof. Plus they have a more robust warranty. If you are looking to maximize your odds of attracting cardinals while still being squirrel proof, consider the Hanging Cylinder Feeder with Dome with a Flaming Hot Feast Cylinder.