Four Arm Pole System - Long Reach

Original price was: $144.99.Current price is: $115.99.
Our #1 selling and most recommended bird pole system.  The extra long arms spread everything out more, making it so that the feeders don't block your view and making it harder for an aggressive bird to dominate the feeders.  Must use a Squirrel or Raccoon Baffle and set up at least 8 feet from anything of similar height in order to be guaranteed squirrel proof.  This is our favorite way to beat the critters because it allows you to use any feeders you want without being restricted to weight-censored or hot pepper products.  This allows you to design the best possible setup. Made of 16 gauge steel and includes an auger that spins 20" into the ground for maximum stability.  80" tall once installed (if this seems high remember that a typical feeder is about 1.5-2 feet long, so you should still be able to reach it).  This height is necessary to make sure that squirrels can't jump from the ground directly onto the feeders.  If you have a feeder that's short, consider using an S-hook to drop it lower. Made in Chicago. Powder coated