Cone Squirrel Baffle Copper Tint

Wrap-around squirrel baffle with copper tint that fits round poles 1/2"-1" in diameter and square poles 7/16"-5/8" in length.  17" diameter.  Works great with our Single Arm Adjustable Pole.  Be sure to install the baffle 5 feet above the ground and put the pole at least 8 feet away from anything of similar height (trees, fences, roofs, decks, etc.) so the squirrels can't just leap directly onto the feeder. This baffle is more universal than our cylindrical baffles as you don't need to be able to remove the pole arms to put it on.  However, if the arms on your pole do come off, we highly recommend getting the Dome Top Squirrel Baffle or the Dome Top Raccoon and Squirrel Baffle.  They are more effective at stopping squirrels, the later being 100% guaranteed at stopping squirrels and racoons.  If the arms on your pole do not come off, this is the most effective baffle you can use. Made in Chicago