Squirrel Buster Plus

Original price was: $157.29.Current price is: $125.83.
Our #1 most recommended and best selling squirrel proof feeder. Weight censored to close when squirrels land on it but birds are light enough where they can still feed. It has double the capacity of both the Squirrel Buster Legacy and the Squirrel Buster Classic (which really pays off in winter when you only have to fill it half as often). It's more cardinal friendly than any of the other Squirrel Buster feeders because of the large ring perch. Plus it's the only Squirrel Buster that allows you to change the weight sensitivity enough to stop chipmunks and slow down grackles and starlings.  We think all these features make it worth the extra price and highly recommend it for your backyard. Lifetime Warranty. We fix it for free at our shop in Crystal Lake!