Quick Clean Seed Tube - Medium Antique Brass

All Tube Feeders have a lifetime warranty.  We will fix them for free at our shop in Crystal Lake.  You can use the chart below to compare.  The product you are currently viewing will be highlighted in bold.  You can also click on the color that corresponds to the size feeder you are interested in and it will take you to that product page.
Size Capacity Ports Height Height inc. Hanger Diameter Color Options
Small 0.75 Qts 2 11" 16" 2.75" Brass only
Medium 1.25 Qts 4 14.75" 19.5" 2.75" Brass, Spruce, or Nickel
Large 1.75 Qts 6 19" 24" 2.75" Brass, Spruce, or Nickel
XL 3.5 Qts 6 19" 24" 4" Brass or Spruce